3 Best Home Remedies for Warts That Are Proven to Work


Human papilloma virus (HPV) causes small, hards growth on skin in different

parts of the body.There are various types of warts like plantar, verruca etc., They

are contagious and are embarrassing too. There are home remedies which can

deal with these warts. They are…

Banana Peel    

The strong antioxidant properties in banana peels can successfully treat warts.

It dissolves the warts and it also prevents the warts from reappearing by

strengthening the immune system.

How to do

You can cut a banana piece have it held against the affected area with the

help of a tape or cloth.Or u can make it a paste and aply to the warts as often

you can and you will see the changes in few weeks.


Tea Tree Oil  

Tea Tree Oil fights the virus causing the warts and it also gets absorbed easily.

It is basically an antiviral product which is very strong and must therefore be

mixed with water or other natural gels before use.


How to use

Dab a cotton ball in the diluted oil and apply it in the affected area.Repeat it

several times till the warts are gone. You can dilute it with water or mix it with

natural gels like aloe vera and use it.

Papaya (RAW)  

The Proteolytic enzyme found in the raw papaya acts against the warts and

cures it. The papaya should be raw.It is also one such home remedy which

is very helpful in treating warts.

How to use

Cut the papaya and collect the sap from the surface and mix it with the coconut

oil and apply it with the help of a cotton ball on the wart. Repeat it everyday and the

warts will be gone in 3 weeks.

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